El Árbol de la Escuela


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Galician author Antonio Sandoval’s spare, simple story about children caring for a tree in a play yard conveys a subtle lesson in what happens if we all take care of the environment.  A boy suddenly notices a sorry, neglected tree and it suddenly sprouts a leaf.  He continues to care for the tree and it becomes a vital part of the school community.  Emilio Urberuaga’s illustrations place the focus on the tree and become increasingly detailed as the tree grows.  It’s a beautiful message about trees’ vital roles in our communities.
El Árbol de la Escuela 
Written by  Antonio Sandoval
Ilustrated by Emilio Urberuaga
Kalandraka ©️2016
ISBN 978-84-8464-258-9
K - 2nd Grade
Hardcover, 40 pages

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