Middle School ¡Squawk Box!

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Lorito Books Standing Order Plan

Keep your library’s Spanish collection current and fun with our carefully curated fiction collections!

What comes in each box?

In October and January, we will send you twelve of our favorite new books. We carefully select exciting new chapter books, comics, and graphic novels from Latin America and Spain for middle grade audiences. We pay extra attention to keeping our collection diverse and balanced, so that all kinds of readers will find something they enjoy in each box. We know that many middle schoolers prefer to read what’s popular in the U.S., so many of our selections are popular translations, but we also like to include vibrant authentic literature for curious readers.


Fall 2018 Box

Cloe y su unicornio
By Dana Simpson, Hardcover, Ages 8–12


El aprendiz
By Linda Su Park, Paperback, Ages 10–13

El viaje al pais del hielo
By Alex Bell, Hardcover, Ages 10–13

Grandes decisiones
By A. Victoria Vásquez, Paperback, Ages 10–13

La superviviente
By Katherine Applegate, Paperback, Ages 9–12

Leñadores: El poder del unicornio
By Mariko Tamaki, Hardcover, Ages 9–12

El robo del siglo
By Ana Alonso, Library Bind, Ages 10–12

Máscara contra máscara
By Diego Mejia Eguilez, Paperback, Ages 8–12

Mi Tío Pachunga 
By José Ignacio Valenzuela, Paperback, Ages 10–13

Shomburg: El hobre que creó la biblioteca
By Carole Boston Weatherford, Paperback, Ages 8–12

The Promised Neverland
By Kaiu Shirai, Paperback, Ages 13+

Tu cerebro es genial
By Esperanza Harbinger & Sole Sebastián, Hardcover, Ages 10–12