About Us

Lorito Books is dedicated to sourcing and creating high quality Spanish children's books and audio to build literacy and cultural awareness. We work with the best children's publishers in the Spanish-speaking world, carefully selecting titles that meet our quality standards. We strive to build a collection that is fresh, fun, and interesting to support dual language children and their families.     

Lorito Books’ President, Pam Fochtman, worked in the audiobook industry for several years as Sales Manager of Landmark Audiobooks, a distributor serving the library market. Requests for audiobooks in Spanish provided her with the idea for Lorito Books and graduate studies at the University of Denver in Latin American trade and economics reinforced her vision. She has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and volunteered with an orphanage in Chihuahua, Chihuahua for several years. She is currently a member of the Institute for International Education and works with Friendship Bridge, an NGO that provides microcredit for indigenous women in Guatemala.

What is a Lorito?!

Lorito is Spanish for “small parrot." So, we’re a company that produces talking books named after a talking bird. ¿Muy listo, sí?